Development of a specific liquid food and feeder for the reinforcement of hives


Development of a new non-crystallisable liquid food, tailored to meet the nutritional needs of bees with crude protein and probiotics to strengthen their immune system and stimulate them, especially in the pre-flowering period.

New feeder design specific for the product in liquid format, without danger of drowning the bees.

To evaluate the acceptance of the product in different climates and European bee populations.

Project Innovation

Currently, there are no liquid bee feed products on the market that contain crude protein and probiotics, which help to improve health and stimulate the growth of hives throughout the year, especially in the pre-spring period.

At present, existing raw protein products are of a pasty texture, and do not take into consideration nutritional needs in terms of amino acid composition or the bee's immune system reinforcement. Probiotics improve their defence against Nosema type pathogens, which cause intestinal disorders that shorten the life of bees.

This product would considerably reduce the stress of bees, currently caused by climate change and environmental pollution, improving not only honey production but also its pollinating function for agriculture and flora biodiversity.



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  • Developer of a new liquid feed with crude protein which will improve the development and defences of the beehive.


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  • Developer of a new nutritional supplement aimed at improving the immune system of bees.
  • Development of new feeder design specific for the product in liquid format, without danger of drowning the bees.



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Düzce University

Düzce University



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